ATR 72-600

ATR aircraft are suitable for all business models and every region around the world, in any type of conditions (cold, hot, high altitude runways, harsh environments, etc.) and a wide range of airports (steep approach, unpaved airfields and short or narrow runways). Their broad appeal and flexibility lead to strong asset values and wide acceptance of the aircraft in the airline and financing community.

With its lighter structure, optimised speed and an engine designed for short sectors, the ATR 72-600 is by far the most fuel-efficient regional aircraft. ATR’s fuel burn advantage drives lower costs and emissions and makes it the optimal aircraft for regional markets. The ATR 72-600 is the benchmark aircraft on the regional market, offering unbeatable economics. Operating costs on competing turboprop aircraft are 20% higher than ATR, while regional jets are at least 40% higher.

  • Cruise speed: 510 km/h
  • 70 seats
  • Range: 1,528 km
  • Fuel/seat km: 0,253 l/10 km
  • Custom catering concepts
  • WC
  • Cabin crew
  • Oven
Specifications Factsheet


Take-off powerTake-off power – One engineMax continuousMax climb
2, 475 SHP2, 750 SHP2, 500 SHP2, 192 SHP
Max cruise
2, 132 SHP


Blades: 6: Diameter: 3,93 m – 12,9 ft

Hamilton Standard



Max take-off weight (basic)Max take-off weight (option)Max landing weight (basic)Max zero fuel weight (basic)
22,800 kg – 50,265 lb23,000 kg – 50,705 lb22,350 kg – 49,272 lb20,800 kg – 45,855 lb
Max zero fuel weight (option)Operational empty weight (Tech. spec.)Operational empty weight (Typical in-service)Max payload (at typical in-service OEW)
21,000 kg – 46,296 lb13,311 kg – 29,346 lb13,500 kg – 29,762 lb7,500 kg – 16,534 lb
Max fuel load
5,000 kg – 11,023 lb

Airfield performance

Take-off Distance: Basic (MTOW – ISA – SL)Option (MTOW – ISA – SL)at TOW for 300 Nm – Max pax – SL – ISAat TOW for 300 Nm – Max pax – 300 ft – ISA + 10
1,333 m – 4,373 ft1,367 m – 4,485 ft1,175 m – 3,855 ft1,410 m – 4,626 ft
Take-off speed (V2 min @ MTOW): 116 KCAS. Landing field length (JAR25), Basic (MLW – SL)At LW (max pax + reserves) – SLReference speed at landing
914 m – 2,299 ft863 m – 2,832 ft133 KIAS

En-route performance

Optimum climb speedRate of climb (ISA, SL, MTOW)Max cruise speed (95% MTOW – ISA – Optimum FL)Fuel flow at cruise speed
170 KCAs1,355 ft/min275 KTAS – 510 km/h762 kg/h – 1,680 lb/h
Range with max pax (70 seats)200 Nm block fuelCO2 Emission200 Nm block time
825 Nm618 kg – 1,363 lb1,947 kg – 4,292 lb55,6 min
300 Nm block fuelCO2 Emission300 Nm block time
859 kg – 1,894 lb2,706 kg – 5,966 lb78,0 min



ES-ATL Radio License

ES-ATL Noise

ES-ATL Certificate of Registration

ES-ATL Certificate of Airworthiness

ES-ATL Airworthiness Review Certificate


ES-ATK Radio License

ES-ATK Sertificate of Airworthiness

ES-ATK Airworthiness Review Certificate

ES-ATK Noise

ES-ATK Certificate of Registration


ES-ATJ Radio

ES-ATJ Noise

ES-ATJ Airworthiness Certificate

ES-ATJ Airworthiness Review Certificate

ES-ATJ Certificate of Registration


ES-ATI Radio

ES-ATI Noise

ES-ATI Airworthiness Certificate

ES-ATI Airworthiness Review Certificate

ES-ATI Certificate of Registration


ES-ATH Radio

ES-ATH Noise

ES-ATH Airworthiness Certificate

ES-ATH Airworthiness Review Certificate

ES-ATH Certificate of Registration


ES-ATG Radio

ES-ATG Noise

ES-ATG Airworthiness Certificate

ES-ATG Airworthiness Review Certificate

ES-ATG Certificate of Registration


ES-ATE Radio

ES-ATE Noise

ES-ATE Airworthiness Certificate

ES-ATE Airworthiness Review Certificate

ES-ATE Certificate of Registration


ES-ATD Radio

ES-ATD Noise

ES-ATD Airworthiness Certificate

ES-ATD Airworthiness Review Certificate

ES-ATD Certificate of Registration


ES-ATC Radio

ES-ATC Noise

ES-ATC Airworthiness Certificate

ES-ATC Airworthiness Review Certificate

ES-ATC Certificate of Registration