Marabu and Nordic Aviation Group sign a strategic co-operation agreement

New aircraft for an emission-reduced expansion of the Nordic Aviation Group

Marabu and Nordic Aviation Group sign a strategic co-operation agreement

Nordic Aviation Group has announced a new partnership with Marabu, supporting Marabu with the launch of the AOC and providing ACMI services to the new airline utilizing three Airbus A320neo aircraft. Marabu plans to launch direct routes from Hamburg and Munich for summer season 2023.

The group will start operating for Marabu from Hamburg and Munich in the summer season 2023, with the fleet of three state-of-the-art, safe, and emission-reduced Airbus 320neo aircraft under Nordica’s AOC. The new airline will open routes to popular Mediterranean destinations. The Nordic Aviation Group will provide operational support services for the new AOC together with wet lease services utilizing its aircraft and crews and will not be contracting for ticket sales.

The CEO of the newly launched airline, Paul Schwaiger says partnership with Nordic Aviation Group will give the newly created company the best possible chances for growth and succeeding at short notice. “The competence and the successful performance of the past years characterizing the Nordic Aviation Group has given us trust towards this company. We are very happy to work with such a strong partner. Together we can build up a new strong airline for the strongly increasing demand next summer,” Schwaiger said and added that Marabu is heading for a business model with solid growth on safe foundation under his guidance.

The CEO of Nordic Aviation Group, Jan Palmér, underlined that co-operation is an expression of recognition and trust towards the entire aviation sector of Estonia, as well as towards the expertise it represents. ”Aviation sector in Europe is growing fast now, witnessing a resurgence of demand. It’s actively recruiting and looking to expand. The greatest growth can be witnessed in the segment of leisure and holiday travelers – the market Marabu will be focusing on. We are glad to undertake this path together, completing to perfection one another’s competencies, and thus building a sustainable business model and strategic partnership. This additional business secures strong growth of the Nordic Aviation Group on the long-term,” Palmer commented in the launch of the new business. The aviation industry is going to positively surprise, he believes.

Nordic Aviation Group continues to grow with the signing of this strategic co-opearation, touching the verge of over 600 talented aviation experts of 30 different nationalities being currently employed and over two hundred being actively recruited. By spring 2023 we will have bases in Tallinn, Stockholm, Copenhagen, Aarhus, Turku, Lisbon, Vilnius, Hamburg and Muncih. We currently operate a fleet of 17 aircraft, the abovementioned Airbus a320 NEOs will adhere to the fleet in the upcoming spring.

The vision of the Nordic Aviation Group is to be the first choice for long-term co-operation partner to major European airlines.