The Estonian national ACMI providers Xfly and Nordica cheer Marabu Airline obtaining their AOC!

Our partner airline Marabu receives its air operator license

The Estonian national ACMI providers Xfly and Nordica cheer Marabu Airline obtaining their AOC!
The Estonian airline Marabu receives its air operator certificate (AOC) in record time and starts operating from Munich and Hamburg (as of 17.04.2023)

History has been marked in Tallinn, Estonia, where the newly founded airline Marabu received both, its Air Operator Cerficiate (AOC) as well as the Operating License, at record breaking times.

“We are extremely grateful to the Estonian authorities for this great cooperation that allowed us to establish and set up Marabu in four months,” Paul Schwaiger, the CEO of Marabu commented.

Paul Schwaiger explained that the experience of establishing and setting up Marabu in Estonia can be characterized by predictably low levels of bureaucracy in the country and great cooperation within the team itself, with all relevant public authorities and last but not least, with its Estonian partner Xfly and Nordica. 

“I am impressed by how digitalized the Estonian society is and also by how efficiently the Estonian Transport Administration works to support the industry. This is exactly the environment new companies need for starting up,” Schwaiger added.

The AOC was applied for in Tallinn in January this year, where last week the airline witnessed the electronic birth of it. On this special occasion of the new Estonian citizen being born. The airline representatives say they are excited to share the sky together with the big European brands and take the Estonian aviation to new heights.

“There has been little time for Marabu to get everything in place in order to be able to start operating from Munich and Hamburg with the A320neo fleet this upcoming summer. I am both proud and impressed by the competence and team spirit that the staff at Marabu have shown in order to establish a new Estonian airline in record short time,” says Jan Palmer, the CEO of Nordic Aviation Group.

“We are happy to see that we have a new ambitious airline creating jobs in the field of aviation in Estonia,” Tanel Rautits, the Head of Safety and Supervision Department at the Estonian Transport Administration, greets the AOC issuing.  

The Nordic Aviation Group and Marabu signed a long-term service agreement in the beginning of this year. According to which the Nordic Aviation Group will provide Marabu with various operational and support services. Furthermore, Nordica will support Marabu’s operations by operating on its behalf three 180-seat fuel-efficient state-of-the-art Airbus A320neo aircraft. Marabu’s flights will take travelers from Munich and Hamburg to popular holiday destinations along the Mediterranean Sea, the Canary Islands and the Red Sea, as well as to Marabu’s home in Estonia. The first commercial flight took place on April the 15th . The first flight to Tallinn from Munich is scheduled for the 21st of May. The first flight from Tallinn to Hamburg will take off on June the 16th